I have been seeing Scott Carpenter for several years now. He is compassionate and truly understands what I am going through. He is one of the best therapist I have ever had.  He encourages me to be a better person and has helped me forgive my self and love myself when I didn’t think I was capable of doing so.  He is so nice and approachable, I can tell and share everything with him.  If you need a therapist, that is what you need. He is in this 100% and it shows, he never forgets what we spoke about form week to week, sometimes every 2 weeks.  I recommend Scott for therapy, the type of therapy he does, which is a lot of talking through your problems and it works for me. 

I tried to see several other therapists before Scott Carpenter but could never make it past the first appointment. Everywhere I went felt so cold and clinical. The therapists seemed robotic and distant. I did not feel like I was making a human connection with someone I could trust.  It can be scary sitting down and discussing topics that are usually kept private, but Scott is such a cool guy that I know he genuinely cares about my well-being.  Knowing that I have Scott in my corner has alleviated a lot of stress.    

I get racing thoughts when I’m anxious and I’m much more able now to slow myself down and understand the origin of my various irritations and fears.  What I get from my sessions with Scott is the ability to think better, to use my internal monologue to my benefit instead of my disadvantage.  

Couples therapy with Scott has also immensely improved the communication between my significant other and I.  I am so grateful for these sessions, I know for a fact they have allowed me to enjoy my partner even more than before and it makes us feel a lot closer.  I would like to encourage anyone who wants to improve the way they think to work with Scott. 

I continue to see Scott for advice on various topics, regarding career choices, handling work related issues, relationship counseling and even just the small things that pop up in life. I am truly grateful for how much of a positive influence his personality, knowledge and wisdom has assisted me over the past couple years.

I started seeing Scott at a particularly difficult part of my life in which he provided me with great insight on how to push through the issues that I was dealing with at that time. I was skeptic on therapy at the time but after a few sessions with Scott I felt a great weight lifted off my shoulders was able to work through the issues with his assistance.

I worked with Scott Carpenter for approximately three years, and cannot recommend enough his personal and professional approach to counseling.  I have utilized Scott for individual addiction and cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as a few couples sessions.  He has a unique strength of combining clinical approaches with a truly personal approach.  Scott is the first counselor with whom I felt completely at ease to share problems, concerns and my personal history.  

He is 100% trustworthy, as well as completely qualified to identify my struggles over time with alcohol addiction and feelings of low self-esteem.  I am pleased to say that Scott has assisted me in remaining sober and been an integral part of bringing me into a new phase of life and personal strength for the past two and half years.  I highly recommend Scott and can provide more in-depth input if required.  

I highly encourage anyone who is new to therapy or even skeptic about the process to try a session or two with Scott. His sense of humor and genuine personality makes the therapy process a truly enjoyable and helpful experience, and you will find yourself looking forward to the next appointment you have with this great individual.

Scott Carpenter has been a great help to me over the last 3 years. I came to Scott when I my marriage was breaking down and I was living with someone who had an addiction. Scott helped guide me through these difficult waters by first being an excellent listener and also by making me look inward to find the answers to the issues I was experiencing at that time. I continue to see Scott even though after this difficult period because I find that I can run anything by Scott. We work together to come up with healthy and productive solutions.

Scott offered support and guidance about my alcohol struggles and ensured that my recovery was handled with the utmost discretion. Scott showed that he really cared about my health and success and is a big reason why I am sober today.