Smoking Too Much Marijuana?

Man lighting and smoking a marijuana jointAddicted to weed perhaps?  Well only you know the answer but there is a support group facilitated by a psychotherapist licensed in alcohol and drug counseling to help you and others explore your circumstances.  If you are experiencing negative consequences due to your marijuana use there is strong evidence that a group process is one of the most effective therapies in addressing substance abuse issues.

Support within the Group

Participants in the group openly discuss without judgment aspects of their daily living and difficulties in their roles and relationships that are problematic due to their pot use.   They gain knowledge regarding marijuana abuse and it’s side effects through presentation of evidence-based materials from the group facilitator and brain-storm solutions as a group.  Coping skills of mindfulness and becoming active in healthy activities are discussed including the benefits of attending Marijuana Anonymous (MA)

Our Location

Cedar Counseling
2 Enon Street  (Rte 1A)
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Take the First Step

Fill out the form or call Scott Carpenter 978.500.3907 to schedule an individual appointment (at no charge) to discuss your interest and requirements of group participants

Are you ready to commit to change?

In order to ensure a great peer group, we carefully screen participants so that the support groups are made up of people with the same goal which is recovery.

Anyone interested should call 978.500.3907 to schedule an information exchange session (at no charge) to assess group fit, learn the role of being a group member, understand the group therapeutic process, and my role as group facilitator.

Ideal candidates are actively engaged in their recovery by significantly reducing or abstaining from marijuana use and other drugs of abuse.

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My Approach

R Scott CarpenterI possess and practice compassion to do this work that I love. I take your concerns seriously without judgment to create a safe & comfortable environment to share. I’m easy to approach, a calming presence, an excellent listener with a gentle sense of humor.

Effective psychotherapy enhances your awareness which promotes a “change in thinking” resulting in “having a real voice” to participate fully in your life. I possess effective brainstorming & problem solving techniques. I rely on a strong blend of clinical experience and a scientific approach to better understand our unhealthy symptoms and our sense of self. 

You can also inquire about this group by completing this form.

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A little more about how the group works

  • Participants share weekly challenges – explore solutions
  • Discuss life style changes by exploring healthy activities to replace marijuana use
  • Understanding the science of marijuana abuse as a brain disorder
  • Reducing or abstaining from use – triggers & relapse prevention skills
  • Benefits and personalizing ones experience in Marijuana Anonymous MA or AA
  • Combating Stress – mindfulness & healthy coping skills
  • Repairing and maintaining healthy relationships