Group Therapy – Support Groups & Workshops

Group Therapy is extremely powerful and motivating for participants when groups are professionally facilitated.  And I have facilitated hundreds of groups in various therapeutic settings for years.  The role of the facilitator is creating a safe and comfortable environment for individuals to feel empowered to share, brainstorm solutions, garner group support, and focus on a therapeutic message towards healthy change.

The goal of all groups regardless of topic is to listen, share, and understand how we impact others and how others impact us.   The group serves as a “kind of laboratory of how we communicate in life”.   Meaning how we engage and interact in the group is probably how we operate out in the world.  There is no better feeling than the experience of participating in a well-run group to feel validated and supported!

To join a group schedule an interview session with me at no charge.   It’s the opportunity to ask questions, set expectations, and assess fit for joining a group.

Topics or Subject Areas of focus:

Healthy Relationships – Traits of healthy relationships, Communication Skills
Anger Management
Communication Skills
Depression & Anxiety
Recovery from Addiction
Emotional Awareness