Addiction Counseling

Addiction is depressing, cunning, baffling, and powerful.   Addiction is also treatable !!!

If you know that you can only get relief by drinking and using drugs and you can’t stop — please seek treatment.  Once addicted, rarely do we abstain from using without help from others and their ongoing support.  Together with my guidance, we can explore what is going on and together determine the appropriate level of care based on your symptoms.  Many recover from active use and lead productive lives once they abstain and gain some clearness out of the fog.  In recovery one develops supports and create an action plan to follow.  Creating structure and pre-planning your day around healthy people, places, and activities is critical in early recovery.  Making changes to lead a healthier lifestyle is a key component to live in a recovery that is sustainable.

My approach and experience in addiction counseling has shown that I have an ability to create a safe and non-judgmental environment to explore how and why an individual’s life has become un-manageable due to abusing alcohol, substances, and/or prescription medications.   Together we’ll create a custom recovery plan that includes supports and healthy components that you can buy-into and sustain.

For family members and loved ones, I can educate regarding addiction, help with substance abuse assessment, and in the process we all gain some insight of the situation.  Of course loved ones try to do the right thing, but often times you and other family members are negatively impacted because your attempts to help often back-fire.

You do not have to figure this out alone, nor should you!  You are a loved one and not a trained professional.  You lack the knowledge of the brain disorder of addiction and insight into treatment modalities.  If you have a loved one suffering with active addiction have them seek treatment and please seek help and support for yourself.    You can best support your loved one by gaining knowledge of how to take good care of yourself.    Join support groups and focus on your healing from the trauma of being in the midst of active addiction.